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Content Writing

Ever wondered, “How do my competitors ever make time to blog, post to social media and frequently write emails to their lists? I can’t even find the time to answer my emails, let alone promote my business!” The secret is, they hire content writers like me!

That’s right… reach out to me today to discuss your specific needs. I know how to find out what your target market wants to read and how to write content that attracts, engages and convert them.

Web Content

Need your website copy to make you sound professional and at the same time help you show up on search engines, convince visitors to like and trust you, and convert qualified leads into paying clients? Then look no further, I write high-quality website copy optimised to attract organic traffic and more sales enquiries.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your new website copy. I’ll weave your keywords into the copy without making you sound like a robot, and I’ll write in a way that doesn’t sound salesy, pushy, spammy or dodgy.

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Editing & Proofing

Do you prefer to write the first draft yourself and then get a professional to edit and proof it for you? That’s totally fine. I work with you to ensure that what you’ve written makes sense, flows well and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Whether you’re writing 100 words, 1,000 words or 100,000 words, I can work with your draft and your style guide to polish your writing before you hit publish (and if you don’t have a style guide, that’s OK. I can help you pick one).

Article & Brochure Writing

Tired of your articles and brochures not generating any sales? Wondering what to include in your copy or how to say it so you can finally get the results you seek? Do you prefer to work with a professional article and brochure writer who can also help you be seen as a thought leader in your industry?

Well, what if I showed you some effective copywriting tactics and strategies that have helped businesses reel in more clients? If you’re ready to start seeing better results with your articles and brochures, let’s talk.

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