About Me

Hi, I’m Sydney.

I began writing for Australian businesses in early 2011. This was as a side hustle while I worked for a large organisation. Within a year, I had enough clients on my books that I had to quit my day job to dedicate all my time to them.

Since then, I have written for numerous clients, helping them create everything they need for marketing, sales, and public relations.

My background

I started as a freelance writer and blogger contributing to various online news websites, and then after some time I wanted to add copywriting into the mix (specifically writing for small and medium businesses). So, I took a course to study just that. Best decision…ever! Right away, I was able to deliver a higher-quality service and help clients to get higher returns on their investments.

Over the years, I've gathered considerable experience as a certified copywriter and content writer helping businesses to attract, engage, convert and retain their ideal clients. I've also helped them sharpen their brand profiles, grow their online reputation, and get free publicity.

My vast contact list of publishers, and my sales and public relations writing skills, experience and confidence help me to do a lot more for you than many other Australian copywriters could ever do.

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