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Do you struggle to get your website to show up on Google? Are you finding it hard to get requests for quotes through your website? Is it becoming increasingly more stressful to write for your business? Or maybe your flyers, social media posts, blog posts or cold emails just aren’t working?

I can give you feedback on your copy and improve it for you, so you can start seeing better results!

I deliver a suite of high-quality copywriting services, including copywriting for social media, websites, emails, annual reports, brochures, business books, explainer videos and print materials.


“Smarter Websites designed and set up the base design for my website, so I could have a home online where I could promote my marketing and writing services. As I wanted it to look professional, I didn’t want to try build the website myself. Plus, I’d rather spend time writing for my clients than muck around designing a website that may have looked like it was done by an amateur! The tools that Smarter Websites have installed in the backend make it so easy for me to tweak the look and feel of my website at my leisure. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about my website, and it has helped me to attract numerous clients who want to work with a real professional.”

– Rhonda Chapman, Marketer & Copywriter

I was mega-impressed with the quality of the product from the Smarter Websites team and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure I was happy with their work. The website revamp has improved the look, professionalism and attractiveness of my site, which continues to provide a flow of clients finding me and doing their due diligence. Thanks to Peter, Raina and the Smarter Websites team”
– Andrew Huffer, Facilitation, Community Engagement & Team Development Specialists

"The team have been an absolute delight to work with ... patient, creative, inclusive and provide input that helped me see things I didn't know I wasn't seeing. I'm thrilled with all the elements, the turn-around time, the communication, the patience, and the attitudes of the delightful team of people at Smarter Websites. Thank you."
– Rebecca Privilege, Integrative Wellness

"I could not be happier with the finished look of my website. Its exactly what i wanted it to look like it all work just as i wanted. The support of your whole team during the process has second to none. Thank you so much"
– Lisa, That's Delish

"Peter and his team have been a 'breath of fresh air' to work with. They have helped us with issues created from using other web companies and have rebuilt our website within tight deadline restraints and we are so impressed and grateful to finally have a team on board that delivers what they promise. Investing in a web company is a tough choice for many companies and we can save you any further frustrations by highly recommending you go straight to Smarter Websites. You will not be disappointed!"
– Sandra Roberts, Select Solutions


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