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Ever wondered, “How do my competitors ever make time to do their books, respond to customer emails and frequently post to social media? I can’t even find the time to look for new clients, let alone promote my business!”

They hire virtual assistants like me!

That’s right…get in touch with me today to discuss your specific needs. I know how to identify the different tasks that you can outsource to me so you can have more free time to get on with the things you should be focusing on.


Need a virtual bookkeeper to help reduce your escalating bookkeeping costs and eliminate the hassles of keeping your books in order? As your virtual bookkeeper, I keep your books, invoices and payroll on track. I can either use your bookkeeping software or recommend a system that can be customised to fit your business needs and that Australian accountants recommend.

I also streamline your bookkeeping system and create efficient methods for invoicing and payroll for your business. You’ll save a lot of time and money just using my bookkeeping skills.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

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Customer Liaison

If your to-do list is overflowing with customer service tasks that you don’t feel like doing (such as booking appointments, answering calls and updating your database), would it make your life easier if I were to step in and do it all for you?

And if your business is growing and you’re feeling overworked and are struggling to keep up with enquiries and orders and related tasks, then I can be the valuable member who looks after your customer service. You and your customers will be delighted with my people and problem-solving skills. More importantly, so will your bank account!

Social Media

You already know that your ideal customers live on social media, which means platforms such as Facebook can serve as a great place for you to market your business. You also know it takes a lot of time to successfully manage your social media pages.

Plus, there’s more to social media management than to just write, design and schedule your posts and adverts. You must reply to comments and reviews in a timely fashion to preserve your reputation, and you must engage potential customers in online networking groups.

So, if you don’t have enough time to manage your social media pages, hire me as your virtual social media assistant. Reach out to me today and I can show you some of the social media pages that I’ve helped to attract more sales.

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