The following rates are provided to give you an idea of how much to budget for my virtual assistance services. Please book a call with me so I can understand your specific business needs and give you a more accurate quote and confirm the deliverables.

Please note: There are two types of packages:

  • Casual Bundle Packages (you need me every now and then)
  • Urgent Work Packages (you need me to drop everything)
  • Retainer Packages (you need me 5 to 7 days a week)


Bundle Packages
  • Pay up front for a block of hours and use it when you need my help. Not to be used for urgent jobs.
  • $250 + GST (5 hours @ $50 per hour + GST)
  • $450 + GST (10 hours @ $45 per hour + GST)
  • $600 + GST (15 hours @ $40 per hour + GST)
  • $700 + GST (20 hours @ $35 per hour + GST)


Work Packages
  • If you know you’ll often have urgent work and would need me to drop everything to carry out a rush job (such as only managing your social media page during busy marketing campaigns), then this is the option for you. Just pay now and claim your hours when you need my urgent help.
  • $500 + GST (5 hours @ $100 per hour + GST)
  • $900 + GST (10 hours @ $90 per hour + GST)


  • Pay up front monthly for me to conduct:
  • The same set of work (e.g. manage your calls and answer emails) OR
  • Deliver the same set of deliverables (e.g. format and schedule your monthly newsletter and blog posts) OR
  • A combo of the same work and deliverables each month. We modify the package as your needs change.
  • Request a call to discuss your retainer package.
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