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Build a bigger client base

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The Website

Complete CMS build, all images, SPAM free contact form and mobile responsive.

The Content

Pre-loaded with engaging copy and branding sections so it is more cost EFFECTIVE.

The Benefit

Getting the discerning budget minded professional or business owner online FAST.

High Performing

Website Features

  • Content Managed System

    Full CMS (content managed system) so you can edit pages, insert images, publish blog posts, add galleries, videos and so much more. DIY with our video tutorials or let us set up your website for you.

  • Live in Five

    If we have everything we need from you before we start building, we’d have your site up, live and accepting leads in 5 days flat!

  • Never Need a Rebuild Again

    What happens when you need to update your website? With Smart Page Builder, it's SO EASY to DIY (and there’s no need to rebuild)! Easy to manage, simple to edit and a cinch to future update!

  • Built In Additions

    A suite of tools including an anti-spam comments catcher, contact/booking forms, state-of-the-art airtight security, anti-malware, SEO plugin, fully optimised pinging services, site and traffic tracking and social media tracking.

  • World Famous Genesis Framework

    Clean, optimised code and smart design architecture is important for achieving the best rankings. Bit techy but Genesis supports codes to help improve SEO results.

  • Security & Support

    We provide Dedicated Server SSD hosting with spam protection, backup service, restore guarantee, and full-managed support with updates and upgrades to all sites and plugins.

Helping Clients for 11+ Years

Why Smarter Freelancer

Over the past 11 years, we have noticed that many freelancers don’t have a professional website to help them sell their services and products. When we asked how come, we were told that they struggle to design, launch and manage their own websites.

Some told us:

  • "My competition is already online, so I need a way to get my freelance business online quickly and cost-effectively."
  • "The platforms sound too complex. I need to be able to further develop that website as I grow my business!"
  • “I don’t know how to do it myself, that’s why I don’t have a website!”
  • “I’m not sure what clients expect to see and how I should structure my website.”

So, we spoke to our experienced designers, marketing people and tech team and they said:

  • “All freelancers should have a website. Let’s see how we can help at a price they can afford.”

And so the Smarter Freelancer series journey began.

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